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Partner Is NuVirile User

NuVirile has worked well for us. My partner has diabetes which contributes greatly to his ED. NuVirile has helped us keep our physical relationship strong.

Stephanie from Utah on 11/5/2016

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I use NuVirile all the time. It does just what is says. I will not use anything else.

Jack from Baltimore on 10/15/2016

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Computer Engineer

This product have I tried. It worked perfect to me and I will of course continue to order it and use it. The price is also right for this product. The product did not have any bad side effects to me. I was able to get very strong erection whenever through more that 24 hours after taking one pill. I strongly recommend this for other men.

O. Edvard from Oslo, Norway on 10/17/2016

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I've tried other products, even the little blue pill and NuVirile is by far the best. It is not harsh. It simply gives you what you want when you want it and as long as you want it. I'm about to purchase my 8th bottle. I can honestly say NuVirile has changed my life. Girlfriends pretty happy also. Thanks

M. Wilcox from Visalia, CA on 9/10/2016

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Excellent Product

NuVirile definitely works. I've bought 4 bottles so far. After about 20 minutes you will be rock hard. You will also wake up rock hard. This product does give me a stuffy nose and red eyes but that only lasts about 2 hours or so. Bottom line is this pill really works.

GQ from Ellenville on 9/10/2016

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The Real, The One and Only, The Best Male Enhancement

I started using NuVirile a few weeks ago, will continue to use it on an ongoing basis, and will likely never need to try anything else. This natural supplement is the REAL DEAL! Within 30 mins or so, I could feel something happening. My wife is more overjoyed than she ever has been, and things were good before - now they're simply amazing. All natural, no side effects, works like a champ and exactly as described, can take it with this a dream? Thanks NuVirile!

Kevin from Raleigh, NC on 5/8/2015

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Best On the Market

This stuff truly works. Nothing I have tried in stores comes close to this product. I'm a happy customer. Thanks NuVirile

R. Downing from Lady Lake, FL on 4/27/2014

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Best Product Ever!

I got a trial offer yesterday and tried it last night with the misses and we were both very surprised and happy as well. It works just like you say it does. Many thanks and I will be making a purchase for a bottle today!

Alex P. from Jacksonville, FL on 4/10/2013

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Awesome Stuff!

My wife and I where at the toy store hint hint and I received a sample while I was there I took it thinking what the heck couldn't hurt it's our 12 year anniversary and man was I surprised I haven't performed like that in probably 6-8 years we where both sore this morning and I have had ramdom arousals all day.

Mike from Brevard County on 3/19/2013

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Dear NuVirile,

I am a nutrition pharmacy consultant and a botanical chemistry and pharmacology researcher. I am also a NuVirile user. The ingredients in the NuVirile product are safe to the best of my professional knowledge. The NuVirile product works as claimed, i.e. effective as stated, it gives me a great satisfaction and confidence as a man. I would recommend this product as a safe natural alternative to any prescription drug. As Always I would also recommend to consult with your physicians before using any supplement product.

Mr. C. Liu, R. Ph, MBA,
Detroit, MI, on 02/22/12
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Fantastic Product!

I just tried Nuvirile this past weekend for the first time and it rocks. I kept my girlfriend going all weekend and she told me she's still sore. I had so much stamina and power that I was her superman. She did however tell me to warn her the next time I take the product. Great product!

Brian from Southfield, MI. on 4/25/2011

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Totally Satisfied

I just had to comment on my experience with your product. I purchased some just to see if it works and I have to tell you, but I know you already know, it really does work. The first time I took one pill and later that night I got lucky with a girl I met and I couldn't believe how big I got and how long I lasted before the first time I climaxed. That's right I climaxed three times with this girl and she told me that she had never been with someone like me before and that made me feel great. I'm never going to be without a bottle of your stuff in my glove box ever again. Thanks for such a great product.

T. Edwards, Minneapolis, IN on 4/19/2011

male enhancement

Very Good Product

As a male enhancement product I would have to say that you are up there in the high ranks but as a male performance enhancer, I have to say your are the best i have seen yet. The power I feel and the stamina I have is far better with your product than any others I have had. I'm glad you brought this product to the US market. Best of Luck

M.Bingimton, Charleston, SC on 4/15/2011

male enhancement


I bought this stuff to give to my husband because I thought he needed something extra without the harmful side effects he gets from viagra and I kind of regret it. I just mean that he now takes it as a daily dietary supplement to his diet and he is always raring to go now. Even in the mornings which he never did before. It is a good product and it does live up to its claims but come on give a girl a rest already...

A. Reynolds CA on 4/5/2011

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